Stacy studied massage therapy at Mount Royal University and has been working as an RMT since 2009.

Stacy is a believer that if one has their health, anything can be accomplished. She enjoys caring for clients who share a common desire to reach the best possible health and well-being through a body that moves well, efficiently and free of pain.

Stacy has mastered a number of key approaches and techniques including:

• Myofacial release technique
• PNF – Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
• Kinetic technique
• Positional release technique

Stacy has supported her patients through a multitude of pain disorders including chronic pain, frozen shoulder, migraines, carpel tunnel, pectoralis syndrome and thoracic outlet syndrome.

When not in the clinic, Stacy is an active day hiker, quilter, gardener and animal lover. She and her husband also have two trained search and rescue dogs.