People who suffer from lower back pain usually find it very difficult to fall asleep at night.  These people not only find it difficult to fall asleep, but they also find it difficult to stay asleep.  At any given moment during their sleep, they can awaken to find themselves in severe pain.  Treating the back pain should include knowing the best position to sleep.  The position that will help the pain differs with regard to the cause of the pain.

When a person has back pain caused by degenerative disc disease, the pain is due to the narrowing of the disc space caused by degeneration.  By positioning themselves to sleep on their stomach with a pillow under the lower abdomen and hips, they can reduce the pressure in the disc space.  This reduction of pressure helps to relieve the pain.

If disc herniation or disc bulge causes the back pain, the type of herniation or bulge present determines the position for which might give the best relief.  The patient should discuss with their  Doctor the fact that back pain is interfering with their ability to sleep and ask if they would feel more relief laying on their stomach with a pillow under their hips and lower abdomen, or if sleeping on their side would give them the best relief.  The Doctor will be able to advise them based on the examinations and Radiological findings as to which position is best for pain-free sleep.  If sleeping on the side is recommended, many people find that placing a long pillow, such as a king size pillow or a body length pillow, between the knees and feet and in front of them to keep them from rolling forward to be very helpful.

Many people with back pain have invested in the beds that are adjustable, allowing the user to raise or lower the head, feet or knees.  Before making such a large investment perhaps sleeping with a firm pillow under the knees will give an idea of whether this is the solution for their back pain.  If the pillow under the knees alone does not work, try elevating the shoulders.  Make adjustments such as those available on the bed.  Others have found the beds that allow the user control over the firmness or softness to be helpful in easing their back pain.  While still others find that simply reclining in a comfortable recliner helps to alleviate the back pain.The right sleep position for back pain relief is not a science. The only way for the person suffering from back pain is to find the position that gives them the best relief.  They may need to attempt different sleep positions until they are able to obtain relief and a good nights sleep.