Low-Level Laser Therapy – Class IV

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Low-Level Laser Therapy CalgaryThe single most important factor that determines the effectiveness of Laser Therapy is the power output (measured in milliwatts (mW)) of the Laser Therapy Unit. It is important for the following reasons:

• Depth of Penetration: the higher the power, the deeper the penetration, allowing for treatment of tissue damage deep within the body.
• Treatment Time: more power leads to shorter treatment times.
• Therapeutic Effect: the greater the power the more effective the laser is in treating more severe and painful conditions.

Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada recognize four different classifications of lasers (Class I – Class IV), only Low Level Class IIIb and High Level Class IV lasers have been demonstrated to provide health benefits to patients.

If you have chronic or acute pain caused by disease or injury, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy could eliminate your pain and speed your healing. Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy offers advanced pain relief and promotes rapid healing through a process known as photobiostimulation. Ideal for enhanced relief of neck, lower back, wrist, knee, elbow and joint pain, muscle spasms, foot and ankle pain, skin conditions, open wounds, post-operative recovery and sports injuries.