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How to Prevent the Most Common Skiing Injuries

Falling snow is gorgeous and enchanting. It’s also extremely fun to play in.  If you’re like a lot of snow-lovers, skiing is at the top of your “fun things to do this season” list. Skiing is not only fun, it’s also great for your health. Getting out in the sunshine and fresh air on a crisp, snowy […]

How to Encourage Your Child to Enjoy Sports

“Not a sporty person” — the phrase that sports teachers have written on countless school reports over the decades. Once uttered by a teacher to a student’s parent, it usually sounds the death knell for any potential sporting achievement. The problem is, this often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The damage to a child’s confidence can […]

How chiropractic care can help with painful shoulders and neck

In Canada, shoulder and neck pain are common ailments affecting adults of working age, and the impact of the pain varies. Even when mild, the pain could still prevent the people from enjoying their life fully, or performing job-related tasks.  Intense shoulder pains, meanwhile, can be a symptom of an underlying problem. One of the […]

Reducing Wrist Pain in the Workplace

Wrist pain is becoming an increasingly prevalent problem in the workplace. Offices, retail spaces, factories and any other job sites where repetitive wrist motions are necessary can easily cause wrist pain. Many people see this as a mere hazard of the job. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can reduce the severity […]

How to Prevent Gardening Injuries

Most people view gardening as an idyllic, gentle hobby. After all, you’re out there in your back yard, surrounded by nature and breathing fresh air. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming – what could possibly go wrong?  The truth is, gardening really is a wonderful, wholesome, soul-nurturing activity, but […]

The 5 Best Indoor Fitness Activities This Winter

Don’t let the cold weather cause you to pack on the pounds this winter! There are lots of ways to keep active and fit this winter without having to go outside. Get your heart rate up, build muscle or work on your flexibility by trying one of these indoor fitness activities this winter. Walking and […]