Don’t let the cold weather cause you to pack on the pounds this winter! There are lots of ways to keep active and fit this winter without having to go outside. Get your heart rate up, build muscle or work on your flexibility by trying one of these indoor fitness activities this winter.

Walking and Running

Many recreation centers have indoor walking and running tracks that are perfect for doing laps in the winter. In general, walkers use the right lane and runners use the left; if there’s a middle lane either group can use it for passing. The track should be labeled with signs indicating which direction you should go and how many laps it takes to complete one mile. If you don’t have an indoor track nearby, a brisk walk through your local shopping mall with a friend is a fun alternative.


Swimming is a great way to build your cardiovascular endurance (and a soak in the hot tub afterwards is pretty nice too!). Most pools have dedicated hours for lane swimming and specific lanes dedicated to swimmers of various speeds. If you find you’re getting passed often you should move to a slower lane, while if you’re right on the heels of the swimmer in front of you then you’re probably ready to move to a faster lane. Always check the signs to see which direction you should be swimming.


Bouncing on a trampoline isn’t just for kids. In fact, ten minutes on a trampoline burns as many calories as thirty minutes on a treadmill, so jump right on! Recently, indoor trampoline parks have been opening in cities across the country. These are warehouse-sized spaces with large trampolines that can be used by many bouncers at the same time. Drop in to bounce to your own beat, or sign up for a group trampoline fitness class to learn choreographed moves targeting different muscle groups. If there’s no trampoline park near you, try buying a small rebounder for your home so you can jump while you watch TV.


Squash isn’t just for businessmen trying to squeeze in a workout over their lunch break. Full of short bursts of intense energy, and often won simply by wearing out your opponent, squash is the ultimate anaerobic fitness workout. You don’t need to join a private squash club; instead, contact your local public recreation providers to find out how to reserve one of their squash courts. In time, you might even find yourself signing up for a tournament!


Between entertaining guests, attending parties, buying gifts and decorating, the holidays can be a pretty stressful time of year. Visiting a yoga studio can help alleviate some of that stress while also improving your flexibility and muscle tone. You don’t have to be super-stretchy to join a yoga class; good yoga instructors know exactly how to modify each pose to accommodate the needs of their individual students. If you’re brave, sign up for a hot yoga class where the room is heated to 104 °F and any snow outside quickly becomes a distant memory.

Take care of your health and wellness this winter by staying active with one of these fun, easy indoor fitness activities. You’ll be glad you did!